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Information letter Boompjes Residential Towers #7

Dear Residents and Business Owners,

In this seventh information letter, we look back on the last few weeks and look ahead towards the next  construction phase.

Recent weeks
At the beginning of June, we began the pile driving work. We will place a total of 400 foundation piles by first pre-drilling the soil, after which another drilling rig will place the casing pipe for the piles. The casing pipe is filled with reinforcement and concrete and then removed from the soil to create the next pile. Approximately a third of the drilling work for the foundation piles has been completed. It is expected that this part of the project will be finished by around October 2021.

Site fence extension
We have further extended our construction site fence in the ‘Rotterdam. Make It Happen’ city branding style to cover the stretch between our project and the adjacent new Terraced Tower high-rise building. We have included several peepholes in the design so that people can safely observe our activities.

The coming period
At the beginning of August, we will pour the concrete for the first tower crane foundation. After the concrete has set, we will build up the rest of the crane. The crane will be used in autumn to lay the foundations of the basement as well as for other activities. Materials such as reinforcement will be supplied via ship to the Hertekade. On behalf of the heritage owners of Scheepmakershaven, preparations are already underway to accommodate the vessel. Posts are being installed so that the ship can be moored alongside the quay in autumn. We will tell you more about this in the next newsletter.

Construction industry holiday
The Cordeel Nederland office will be closed during the construction industry holiday, covering week 31 to week 33, during which time you will not be able to reach us. Our information email address,, will also be unresponsive. The pile driving for Boompjes Residential Towers will however continue during the holiday.

If you have an urgent question during the holiday period about the activities on site, you can reach us on the temporary telephone number +31 (0)6 82 05 39 87.

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