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Information letter Boompjes Residential Towers #6

Dear Residents and Business Owners,

In this sixth information letter, we look back on the last few weeks and provide an update on construction progress.

Recent weeks
In March, we placed all the anchor piles in the ground. Then, in April, the basement was completely demolished and the construction pit was excavated. Parallel to these works, the municipality commissioned an archaeological site survey. Among the artifacts discovered were the outlines of a ship’s slipway dating back to the start of the 18th century. The Boompjes used to be a base for ships, shipping companies and sailors, and as a busy port area, it was home to many stately buildings, the contours of which were also discovered.

The coming period
After more than a year of demolition and excavation, we are finally ready to start building. Around 400 foundation piles will be installed to support the structure. We will not use the traditional pile driving method for this but instead, the operation will be low-noise and vibration-free. We will drill a casing pipe into the ground, which is filled with reinforcement and concrete, and the pipe is then extracted. To ensure the process is as smooth as possible, we will predrill to loosen the ground and remove any obstacles. We estimate these activities will be completed by October 2021.

Site accommodation
The Clubhouse Boompjes construction site is very compact, necessitating a relocation of our site accommodation to the edge of the water. We have taken over the site huts and offices of Besix, our neighbouring contractor, and have given the inside and outside a lick of paint and new signs.  A large banner in the city branding style that reads ‘Rotterdam. Make It Happen’ has been placed across the site accommodation area, measuring approximately 24 metres.

We are doing our best to keep nearby residents and business owners up to date on the construction work on both the Boompjes and Hertenkade sides of the project via our website:

If you have any questions, please email us at Your message will be dealt with within one working day.

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