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Information letter Boompjes Residential Towers #4

Dear Residents and Business Owners,

First of all, we wish you a happy, healthy and carefree 2021 with hope for better times. 

Over the past year, in compliance with the coronavirus-related measures and restrictions, we have managed to continue most of our work in a safe and responsible manner. The former office building has been gradually demolished and most of the major demolition work is now complete. All utilities have been rerouted and the sheet pile walls are installed. In this fourth letter, we provide the latest updates on the construction work.

Construction pit
In October, we began to create the construction pit. The steel sheet pile walls were driven into the ground with a vibratory hammer to a depth of around 20 metres. The work started on the side of the site facing the Boompjes. We then progressed to the Hertenkade side. As a final step, sheet piling was installed between the old basement and the adjacent De Maas building.

The firmer soil along the existing buildings made it more difficult to install the last sheet pile elements, which probably led to a slight increase in noise nuisance during this part of the operation. Unfortunately, this was unavoidable, but these installations are now complete.

Basement demolition
During the major demolition work of the former office building, we used some of the rubble to fill the existing basement to prevent it from rising as a result of groundwater pressure: most of the weight that normally rested on the foundations and piles had been removed. Once the construction pit is ready, we can switch on the drainage, demolish the basement and remove the soil and rubble. The first phase of this process was completed just before Christmas.

We are currently busy installing the anchor piles in the construction pit. These anchors are being placed in the ground, similar to guy ropes of a tent, and will keep the steel sheet-piled pit upright during further excavation and throughout the piling and concreting work in the new basement.

After the basement has been completely demolished and the construction pit excavated, we will start installing the foundation piles in April 2021. These piles will be drilled rather than driven into the ground. This method is almost noise free and does not cause vibration.

Building site
When the piling begins, we will reorganise the construction area by placing our large site hut on the water, like our neighbouring contractor.

You can closely follow the progress of the project at where we regularly post photos and videos to keep you abreast of the latest developments.

If you have any questions, please email us at Your message will be dealt with within one working day.

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