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Information letter Boompjes Residential Towers #2

Dear Residents and Business Owners,
At the beginning of April, we started to demolish the vacant office building in stages from the inside out. In this second information letter, we provide a progress update.

Demolition work
The interior of the building has been completely hollowed out. All window and door frames, interior walls, ceilings, flooring and woodwork have been removed. The materials have been sorted and will be collected separately for reuse where possible.

The concrete frame and facade will remain standing until mid-July when the final demolition work will begin. The structure will be mechanically demolished within five weeks and will crumble bit by bit. Demolition will begin on the side close to De Maas building of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (RWS) and will end on the side near the new structure currently being built by our neighbouring contractor Besix.

Site fence
Our site fence has been placed directly on Boompjes street and reflects the style of Rotterdam’s ‘Make It Happen’ city branding. We embrace Rotterdam’s ‘can do’ spirit and have added images of Boompjes Residential Towers to the fence design. Our project, contemporary residential towers with a commercial ground floor, promises to be a striking addition to the dynamic Maritime District.

Construction industry holiday
As the Cordeel Nederland office will be closed during the construction industry holiday, you will not be able to reach us during weeks 31, 32 and 33. Our information email address,, will also be unresponsive during this time. Demolition work for Boompjes Residential Towers will however continue during the construction industry holiday.

If you have an urgent question during the holiday period about the activities on site, you can reach us on the temporary telephone number +31 (0)6 82 13 40 68.

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