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Information letter Boompjes Residential #10

Dear Residents and Business Owners,

The construction of Clubhouse Boompjes is in full swing, and progress on the building site is clearly visible from the street. This information letter provides an update on the work so far.

Underground phase completed

Throughout the summer, the construction team worked hard on the concrete structure of the basement, and the gaping hole on the site has now been filled with the pouring. The ground floor on the Hertekade side has been completed. Currently, similar work is taking place on the Boompjes side. This will complete the underground phase of the project.

Backbone towers already visible

The building sections now protruding above ground level will form the core structure of the two towers. A core is essentially the backbone of a tower, providing stability for all the other parts that will be built around it. In addition to ensuring stability, both cores will also house various facilities, including two lifts and a stairwell. The cores will have a head start of several floors (and weeks) over the concrete structures for the apartments that they will support.  

Both cores are made with climbing formwork. A hydraulic system pushes the core formwork up one floor at a time. This method ensures maximum safety (regarding working at heights) and speed. It also frees up the building crane for lower level work.

The apartments

For now, we are building on the ground floor, where the entrances, some plant facilities and commercial spaces will be located. At the end of November, however, we will start work on the first apartments. This  construction will take place several floors below the work on the two cores. The walls, columns and floors of the apartments will be installed around each core. By focusing on the construction of the cores and that of the apartments separately, we will be able to build floors in a much shorter timeframe than if we were to construct everything together.

Work on Hertekade

Meanwhile, the municipality has started work on the Hertekade quay bordering the Terraced Tower construction site next to ours. The quay will receive a new foundation and quay wall. The municipality will start placing sheet piling in November. Cordeel is not involved in this repair work. For more information about the quay works, please contact Rotterdam City Council.

If you have any questions, email us at Your queries will be dealt with within one working day. 

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