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Bouwproject Woontorens Clubhouse Boompjes Rotterdam

Information letter Boompjes Residental #12

Dear Residents and Business Owners,

In this 12th edition of the Clubhouse Boompjes project newsletter, we are pleased to provide an update on construction progress and future plans.

Construction progress

The Clubhouse Boompjes project includes several phases and components that are being carried out concurrently. The construction of the tower on the Terraced Tower side has reached the 15th level. While a new floor is being added to the skyscraper almost every week, the lower floors are already being fitted with façades and even balconies. You may have noticed that the construction of this tower is some levels ahead of the smaller tower on the Rijkswaterstaat side. This was an intentional decision influenced by the proximity of the cranes. The staggered design of the towers is beginning to take shape and steel trusses have been installed.

Façade elements and balconies

We are building the towers without the use of scaffolding. Because there is limited space on the construction site, we are using prefabricated elements where possible. The façades, for example, are being built, assembled and stored at WVH Gevelprojecten. The elements are then transported to the construction site and lifted using a winch mechanism designed specifically for this project by WVH Gevelprojecten in collaboration with Cordeel. This unique winch system is mounted between the floors to lift the prefab façade elements into place safely and efficiently. Another advantage of this technique is that it does not require crane utilisation and does not affect traffic on Boompjes.

Each façade element consists of wood, insulation material and window frames with glazing and covers one floor. Once an element has been installed, the façade is sealed watertight and airtight. Several of the balconies are fitted immediately afterwards. The balconies are assembled in Zwijndrecht at Cordeel Nederlands’ head office – the steel fixings, railings and acoustic insulation are pre-installed before the balconies are transported to the construction site. They are inserted through the façade and mounted to the floor surface.

Next newsletter

In the next edition of this newsletter, we will provide detailed information about another construction activity: the structural work on the apartments. The loggias and metal stud walls, custom-made by Van de Wiel, will be lifted into the correct position from the outside before the façades are installed. This means that the first apartments will begin to take shape even as new floors are still being added to the building.

Construction holidays

The Cordeel Nederland office will be closed during the construction holidays (24 July until 13 August), but work on the Clubhouse Boompjes project will continue throughout this period.

If you have an urgent question during the holiday period about the activities on site, you can reach us on the temporary telephone number +31 (0)6 82 05 39 87. Our general information email address,, will be unresponsive.

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