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Information Letter Boompjes Residential #8

Dear Residents and Business Owners,

In this eighth information letter, we update you on the upcoming construction activities at the Clubhouse Boompjes site.

During recent months, we have been carrying out drilling operations for about 400 foundation piles. This phase is now complete and various preparatory activities for starting work on the foundation are currently underway.

Activities in the coming period

Concreting work preparations for the basement
Clubhouse Boompjes will comprise two basement floors. In the coming period, the construction pit will be excavated to the lowest point and then built back up to ground level. Underneath each tower, a 2.3-metre-thick foundation slab (footing) will be constructed. This is the base on which the two large residential towers will be erected. We will inform you about the activities related to the pouring of these special foundation footings in the next information letter. The surface area between the towers will have a thinner floor with space for the sprinkler basins.

Tower crane
On 15 November 2021, we will start to erect the first tower crane on the construction site. It will stand on the large concrete footing, which we created some time ago, and will be erected in two phases. In the first phase, the crane will be built up to a height of 95 metres. This might involve closing off part of Boompjes for a short period: we are still in consultation with the municipality and the assembly company. During the erection of the towers, the second phase, the crane will rise to a height of 120 metres. Another crane will be built at a later stage on the Boompjes side of the residential towers.

Transport by water
During week 47, deliveries of concrete reinforcement to the Hertekade by ship will begin. The vessel will temporarily moor alongside the quay so that we can unload the material and process it in the concrete. The ship will travel back and forth from the factory to the site to load and unload new reinforcement, allowing us to create extra storage space on the construction site. By using water transport, some 350 trucks will be prevented from taking to the busy roads in and around Rotterdam. This method will have the least environmental impact.

You will soon notice the metres-long canvas that we have attached to the ship. On the canvas, we will introduce the campaign #bouwenmethandenuitdemouwen (roll up your sleeves and build). We will shortly post a series of articles (in Dutch) by author Marco Hendriks on social media and on the website. His stories are characterised by their direct, no-nonsense style and humour which is so typical of Rotterdam. The canvas forms the starting point of the story.

If you have any questions, please email us at Your queries will be dealt with within one working day.  

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